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Agricultural Research Farm - California - USA

Nutrilite's Agricultural Research Farm in Lakeview, California, is the primary location where our farm researchers work to improve existing NUTRILITE products as well as identify nutrients and active ingredients for new products and the development of organic farming practices.

Landscape of Nutrilite's Lakeview farming facility
  • 45 hectares (111 acres)
  • Located on a prehistoric lake bed, which accumulated nutrient-rich sediment, contributing to the fertile topsoil.
  • Primary crops: Alfalfa, Carrots, Pomegranates and many research crops.

By feeding the soil with compost and by using carefully tested farming practices, Nutrilite creates a better soil structure – supplying crops with a vast array of nutrients.


NUTRILITE farms: The Global Good Neighbor

At our Agricultural Research Farm in Lakeview, local volunteers from the community help raise organic vegetables for their own use. In addition, the NUTRILITE Agricultural Research Farm organizes programs with local schools, bringing area students to the farm to grow crops as a school project each year.