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W. Kip Johnson, M.D.
Diane Paetz

W. Kip Johnson, M.D., Nutrilite Health Institute Center for Optimal Health

Dr. Kip Johnson, M.D., Nutrilite Health Institute
Preventive Health Physician

For two decades, Dr. Kip Johnson has researched nutrient supplements from manufacturing and production to efficacy and usage.  He has lectured extensively on Preventative Medicine and on natural ways of restoring health.  He has spoken to many local communities, as well as to health-oriented groups such as the Orange County Wellness Coalition and Valley Wellness Association and for major corporations including Nutrilite, Beckman, Unocal, Boeing, and Taco Bell Corporate.  He has also given a number of seminars internationally on a wide variety of topics. 

In Orange County, California, Dr. Johnson practiced Emergency Medicine at St. Jude Hospital for more than 13 years before starting a Family Practice.  He had a successful Family Practice for ten years – focusing on Preventative Medicine.  He also developed and directed the Vitamin / Supplement Program for St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare – a group of more than one hundred physician practices.  During his career in medicine, Dr. Kip has treated more than 150,000 patients. 

Over the past twenty years, while preparing and constantly updating his information on vitamins, minerals, herbs and other supplements, Dr. Johnson has extensively reviewed many companies and products in the supplement and nutraceutical industry to determine the “Best of the Best”.  Using this information, Dr. Kip has developed a wide range of popular seminars on natural treatments. He continuously strives to make even very complicated topics clear and complex health information fun to learn.   

Over the last several years, he has also developed a cutting edge and unique approach to weight management that is likely to change the direction of the entire industry.

Dr. Johnson was born and raised in Idaho.  He was admitted with Honors at Entrance to UCLA and graduated with a BA in Zoology.  He attended and received his M.D. from the UCLA School of Medicine. Dr. Johnson is a contributing author to The Complete Book of Baby & Child Care by Focus on The Family and is the primary author of a new book detailing his unique approach to weight management.