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Many Global Patents Demonstrate Industry Innovation

Leadership in the dietary supplement industry demands that a company be on the cutting edge of science. The Nutrilite Health Institute takes its leadership role very seriously, with an ever-growing list of granted patents demonstrating that NUTRILITEā„¢ products and associated processes truly are differentiated from other brands in the marketplace.

The patents granted to Nutrilite scientists and researchers help to improve the NUTRILITE brand by complementing our high-quality products with technology that is unique to the brand.

Most of the patents granted to Nutrilite scientists focus on the following areas:

  • How we develop our concentrates
  • How we process our ingredients
  • How we formulate our products
  • How we design our tablets, hard-shell, and softgel capsules and the packaging for them

Nutrilite Patents: Concentrate Development

  • Process for producing a dehydrated plant matter or portions thereof (U.S.)
  • Method of preparing Echinacea powder (U.S.)
  • Method of increasing concentrations of caffeic acid derivatives and alkylamides and compositions containing the same (Echinacea) (U.S.)
  • Echinacea induction of Phase II enzymes (U.S.)
  • Extraction of non-polar isothiocyanates from plants (U.S.)
  • Heated alcohol extraction of herbs (Echinacea) (U.S.)
  • Dry carotenoid-oil powder and process for making same (U.S.) (Brazil)

Nutrilite Patents: Processing Ingredients

  • Brassica vegetable supplement and process for manufacture (China) (Japan)
  • Brassica vegetable composition and method for manufacture (U.S.)
  • Co-processed botanical plant composition (U.S.)
  • Method for distributing equal volumes of attached confluent living cells (U.S.
  • Dietary food supplement containing natural cyclo-oxygenase inhibitors and methods for inhibiting pain and inflammation (U.S.)

Nutrilite Patents: Product Formulation

  • Composition for and method of producing a fiber-fortified chewy or soft-textured confection candy (U.S.)
  • Chewy high-fiber granola bar and method (Japan)
  • Granola bar with supplemental dietary fiber and method (Japan) (U.S.)
  • Formulation for and method of producing a fiber-fortified foodstuff (U.S.)
  • Balanced fiber composition (Germany) (France) (Great Britain) (Japan) (U.S.)
  • Diet composition and method of weight management (U.S.)
  • Composition and method for lowering cholesterol (U.S.)
  • Compositions and methods for increasing growth hormone levels (U.S.)
  • Dietary supplement containing saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, and nettle root (U.S.)
  • Aframomum seeds for improving penile activity (U.S.)
  • Carotene oil compositions and process for the production thereof (Israel)
  • Antioxidant activity profile assay (U.S.)
  • Phytonutrient nutritional supplement (U.S.)
  • Softgel capsule containing DHA and antioxidants (U.S.)
  • Multi-carotenoid product (U.S.)
  • Composition and method for correcting a dietary phytochemical deficiency (U.S.)

Nutrilite Patents: Package and Product Design

  • Nutritional supplement: Garlic Supplement (U.S.) (Japan)
  • Sample display package design (U.S.)
  • Vitamin tablet package design: Basketball (U.S.)
  • Vitamin tablet design: Soccer ball (Germany) (Great Britain) (Italy) (U.S.)
  • Vitamin bottle design: Koala bear (Japan) (South Korea) (U.S.)
  • Vitamin tablet design: Koala bear (Japan) (U.S.)
  • Vitamin bottle design: Teddy bear (Japan) (South Korea) (U.S.)
  • Vitamin tablet design: Teddy bear (Japan) (U.S.)
  • Vitamin tablet design: Embossed elephant (U.S.)
  • Vitamin tablet design: Embossed rhino (U.S.)
  • Vitamin tablet design: Embossed wolf (U.S.)
  • Vitamin tablet design: Embossed gorilla (U.S.)
  • Vitamin tablet design: Embossed macaw (U.S.)
  • Vitamin tablet design: Embossed koala (U.S.)
  • Vitamin tablet design: Guava guy (U.S.)
  • Vitamin tablet design: Ladybug (U.S.)
  • Vitamin tablet design: Caterpillar (U.S.)
  • Vitamin tablet design: Tractor (U.S.)
  • Vitamin tablet design: Lemon shape (U.S.)
  • Vitamin tablet design: Multicitrus (U.S.)
  • Dietary supplement design: Leaf (China) (Singapore) (E.U.) (Japan) (South Korea) (U.S.)
  • Packaging container ((Japan) (U.S.)