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Building a Nutrilite Global, Scientific Community

By bringing together some of the world's leading experts, the Nutrilite Health Institute has built a global scientific community – adding unprecedented focus and impact to a wide range of studies, from heart health and weight management issues, to improving our lives as we age.

The Nutrilite Health Institute draws on the expertise of over 100 internal scientists as well as outside experts for research, clinical testing, and education. Their discoveries, demonstrated in hundreds of international science and nutrition journals and presentations, have greatly expanded global understanding of nutrition science.

The Nutrilite Health Institute Publications List spans more than five decades of ground-breaking research in the areas of nutrition science, analytical chemistry, and agricultural methodology.

List of Publications

The Nutrilite Health Institute has also been represented in over 150 scientific presentations. Following are some recent places our Scientists have been:

America's Phytonutrient Report

America’s Phytonutrient Report by Nutrilite is the first major analysis of fruit and vegetable consumption by color categories that represent specific phytonutrients.

America's Phytonutrient Report: Heart Health by Color

America’s Phytonutrient Report: Heart Health by Color sheds light on key phytonutrients that may help heart health.

America's Phytonutrient Report: Bone Health by Color

America’s Phytonutrient Report: Bone Health by Color focuses on the key phytonutrients that may support bone health.

America's Phytonutrient Report: Women's Health by Color

America’s Phytonutrient Report: Women's Health by Color examines the phytonutrients that may be most beneficial to women's health.

America's Phytonutrient Report: Immune Health by Color

America’s Phytonutrient Report: Immune Health by Color examines the phytonutrients that may be most beneficial for supporting a healthy immune system.


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