The Best Supplements Begin With The Best Plants

Nutrilite operates nearly 6,000 acres of certified organic farmland
in the U.S., Mexico and Brazil where we grow and harvest plants using sustainable, chemical-free methods.

Our agricultural experts and scientists work together to optimize the
nutrients gathered from the most powerful plants nature has to offer –
capturing valuable nutrients by dehydrating and processing them within hours of harvest.

The resulting plant concentrates contribute a wide array of important phytonutrients in many Nutrilite® products.

We Use Nature To Control Nature

Meet Copper, one of the many falcons used for natural pest control on Trout Lake Farm. Copper is three years old, and his job is to scare away smaller birds that pose a threat to our crops. He’s gentle and easy to work with, but terrifying to pest birds. But don’t worry: Copper doesn’t hurt them. He loves his job and is always eager to get started – but when it’s time for dinner, he returns to his handler.

When it comes to smaller pests, we don’t use toxic chemicals. Instead, we use ladybugs and green lacewings, among others, to control the harmful insects that would otherwise attack our crops.

Discover Our Organic Farms



Ephrata, Washington, USA

The Trout Lake East farm is located on 252 hectares (623 acres) in central Washington near the town of Ephrata. Along with our Trout Lake West farm, these are among the largest certified organic herb farms in North America. 

At Trout Lake East, the climate is semi-arid with low humidity and cold winters, which gives us a long, hot growing season.

This organic farming area serves as a source of ingredients for many Nutrilite® products. Primary crops grown on our Trout Lake East farm include:

  • Echinacea – found in Nutrilite® Immunity Echinacea
  • Dandelion – found in Nutrilite® Liver Support
  • Oregano – found in Nutrilite® Double X®  supplement
  • Alfalfa – found in Nutrilite® Double X®  supplement
  • Spinach – found in Nutrilite® Iron Folic
  • Peppermint – found in Nutrilite® Garlic Heart Care
  • Nettle Root – found in Nutrilite® Prostate Health

In addition to farm operations, the Trout Lake East and West farms also have manufacturing facilities for drying, milling and juicing herbs.    


Trout Lake, Washington, USA

The Nutrilite Trout Lake West farm is located on 117 hectares (288 acres) in the Cascade Mountains in Trout Lake, Washington, 80 miles northeast of Portland, Oregon.

The climate here is oceanic and alpine, allowing us to grow many of the phytonutrient-rich herbs and plants that go into Nutrilite® products:

  • Echinacea – found in Nutrilite® Immunity Echinacea
  • Blueberry – found in Nutrilite® Double X®  supplement
  • Valerian and Lemon Balm – found in Nutrilite® Sleep Health
  • Dandelion – found in Nutrilite® Liver Support

Trout Lake Farm is also actively involved in community outreach in and around the nearby town of Trout Lake, Washington (population: 600). We make contributions to the Trout Lake Scholarship Fund, in addition to donating to school and community activities.


Jalisco, Mexico

The Rancho El Petacal farm is located on 643 hectares (1,589 acres) in southwestern Mexico in the state of Jalisco.

The humid, subtropical climate with dry, mild winters and warm, wet summers provides perfect conditions for growing nutrient-rich plants for Nutrilite® products. Primary crops grown on the farm include:

  • Spinach – found in Nutrilite® Vision Health with Lutein
  • Kale – found in Nutrilite® Double X® supplement
  • Broccoli – found in Nutrilite® Double X®  supplement
  • Watercress – found in Nutrilite® Double X®  supplement
  • Parsley – found in Nutrilite® Daily
  • Grapefruit, Orange – found in Nutrilite® Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables
  • Alfalfa – found in Nutrilite® Double X®  supplement

The Nutrilite farm at Rancho El Petacal runs a Cultural and Education Support Center. The Center provides basic education on nutrition and ecology as well as helps with local projects. The farm is also a major source of jobs for the small community of El Petacal.


Ubajara, Brazil

Fazenda Amway Nutrilite do Brasil is located on 1,600 hectares (3,955 acres) near the city of Ubajara in northeastern Brazil.

Positioned three degrees south of the equator, the Ubajara farm has a tropical climate with high temperatures and high relative humidity throughout the year.

The natural vitamin C used in Nutrilite® products comes from the tens of thousands of acerola cherry trees growing on the farm. We harvest cherries when they are still green, when the vitamin C concentrate is at its peak. Primary crops grown on the farm include:

  • Acerola Cherry – found in Nutrilite® Vitamin C Extended Release
  • Watercress – found in Nutrilite® Double X®  supplement
  • Picão Preto – found in Satinique™ Shampoo
  • Eclipta Alba – found in Satinique™ Shampoo

Formerly a remote, unused orchard site, the Fazenda is now an example of productive work, learning, and professional and personal development. The on-site school supported by the Fazenda has won many awards, including the highest standardized test scores in the state. 

Proven farming methods with a long history

Our use of sustainable farming practices actually began with Nutrilite founder Carl F. Rehnborg who grew his crops in accordance with nature.

Carl believed that replenishing the soil – using natural methods to control weeds, insects and predators – would produce better crops.

Today, our agricultural experts continue to employ crop rotation, cover crops, and many other sustainable methods to encourage our nutrient-rich crops to flourish, naturally.

Leading-edge plant and nutrition research

The Nutrilite® brand is an industry leader in phytonutrient research. Our scientists continue their study of plant compounds, leading to breakthroughs in nutritional science and a greater understanding of how phytonutrients provide health benefits at the cellular level. Their innovative work keeps Nutrilite® products at the forefront of today’s nutrition industry.