Nutrilite Health Institute Clinical Investigations and Trials

Nutrilite Health Institute clinical investigations and trials are focused on intervention studies to evaluate the effects of plant concentrates, botanicals, and nutrient products on markers of human health. The Nutrilite Health Institute also continues Nutrilite founder Carl Rehnborg's commitment to scientifically-based products through clinical research programs.

A clinical study involves the evaluation of the functions of plant concentrates, and product prototypes in volunteers in a carefully controlled clinical setting and under the supervision of medical health care professionals.

Why do we do clinical research?

  • Research - to advance science and knowledge regarding the benefits of dietary supplements and plant-based ingredients, and their mechanisms of action. We want to know not just if a product works, but also how it works.
  • Reputation - specifically, to maintain Nutrilite's strong reputation for selling science-based supplements. As needed we conduct clinical research to evaluate the performance of Nutrilite ingredients and/or formulas. When we make claims about our products, we have confidence and stand behind them. We do not make claims we cannot substantiate.
  • Integrity - to protect the integrity and trust of the Nutrilite® brand.

To date, we have completed:

  • 60 clinical studies on Nutrilite® concentrates, products, and prototypes - some of this research is never seen by the public because if a prototype does not work, it does not become a Nutrilite® product.
  • 7 large scale nutrition assessment studies.

These numbers represent research conducted over 60 years at 30 external research sites in seven different countries.

Nutrilite Health Institute clinical trial showed that ClearGuard® dietary supplement helps support clear nasal passages.

Study at a Glance

Goal: Surveys conducted in the United States reveal that a significant proportion of the population have utilized botanical products for the treatment of nasal allergy symptoms, although there have been relatively few controlled clinical trials to support their use.

In a pilot randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial published in Nutrition Journal, July 14, 2008, however, a combination of three botanical ingredients—Spanish needles, cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), and acerola (Malpighia glabra)— the three key ingredients found in Nutrilite® ClearGuard® dietary supplement, were studied to determine their effectiveness at clearing nasal passages.

Results: The three key ingredients found in Nutrilite® ClearGuard® dietary supplement were shown to be safe and effective at clearing nasal passages.

Conclusion: Nutrilite® ClearGuard® clearing nasal passages.

For more information, please refer to the Nutrilite® ClearGuard® clinical research summary.

Human gene expression gives insight into how Nutrilite® Immunity Echinacea works.

Study at a Glance

Goal: To utilize gene expression technology to examine Echinacea's effects in humans.

Results: Following two days of supplementation with Nutrilite® Immunity Echinacea, specific immunity gene activity increased while the activity of several "pro-inflammatory" genes decreased.

Conclusion: Supplementation with Nutrilite® Immunity Echinacea had a visible effect on the expression of genes related to immunity.

For more information, please refer to the Nutrilite® Immunity Echinacea clinical research summary.

Research sponsored by Nutrilite Health Institute and conducted by the Urological Sciences Research Foundation using the Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root herbal blend in Nutrilite® Prostate Health was named "The Most Scientifically Exciting" by the American Urological Association.

Study at a Glance

Goal: To evaluate whether the Saw Palmetto with Nettle root herbal blend improves the condition of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), a common problem for aging males.

Results: After Six months of supplementation with the Saw Palmetto with Nettle Root herbal blend, supports men's prostate function. The herbal blend also helps support normal urinary flow.

This was the first US-based double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial to evaluate a Saw Palmetto product.

For more information, please refer to the Nutrilite® Prostate Health clinical research summary.