Research & Development



Nutrilite® supplements have always been the product of nature and science. Every Nutrilite® product is the direct result of extensive testing and laboratory analysis, conducted by more than 200 scientists, microbiologists, chemists, nutritionists, and other technicians in our eight research and development laboratories around the world.

Our comprehensive analytical services include bioassays, microbiology, and analytical chemistry – using highly sophisticated equipment usually found only in pharmaceutical laboratories. The significant investment we have made in scientific expertise and equipment is one more reason why Nutrilite is a leader in the dietary supplement industry.

Recognized for scientific contributions

The Nutrilite scientific research team is one of the largest among supplement manufacturers. Our scientists have earned recognition globally for their significant contributions in many areas of nutrition and health science.

Our leadership has led to working with governmental regulatory bodies in the U.S., China and Korea, including consulting about ingredients, quality practices, and processes used by manufacturers of dietary supplements.

World-class scientific staff and facilities help make the Nutrilite® brand one of the very best in the industry.

Global patents for innovation

Nutrilite brand innovation has been recognized with more than 190 granted and pending patents worldwide. Our pioneering research and stringent standards have made us a worldwide leader in the nutritional supplement industry.

Our patents range from how we develop plant concentrates used in Nutrilite® products, to how we process our ingredients, and even the design of our packaging and our tablets, hard-shell and softgel capsules.

With world-renowned expertise in nutrition and product development, our scientists continue to enhance the Nutrilite® brand and our high-quality products.

Do you grow all the plants for the concentrates in Nutrilite™ products?

While we strive to grow as many plants as we can, the total product demand makes it impossible for us to farm the volume of plants needed for our concentrates. Our stringent NutriCert™ program ensures that any crops grown by our partner farms meet the same strict standards we adhere to on our own organic farms. By controlling the process from seed to supplement, Nutrilite™ products stand out in the dietary supplement industry.

Are synthetic vitamins used in Nutrilite™ products?

Some Nutrilite™ supplements contain vitamins from both natural and synthetic sources. Without synthetic vitamins, some of our supplements would not supply the optimum nutrient levels, or a tablet made with only natural vitamins would be far too large for human consumption. Using a combination of synthetic vitamins and plant concentrates in some of our products allows us to deliver the important phytonutrients, along with the nutritional levels consistent with leading science – in a product that is easier to swallow.

How long are Nutrilite™ products stored in warehouses before being packaged and shipped?

On average, tablets are stored for less than a week before they are packaged and shipped to more than 100 countries and territories around the world.